How to Build a Simple Pergola: Design Ideas & Photo Tutorial

DIY vinyl pergola

Deciding you want a simple pergola? Easy.

Knowing how to build a simple pergola? Not so much.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re known for making high-quality vinyl pergolas that are both stylish AND easy to install. Our DIY easy pergolas are quickly able to be assembled by a homeowner or a local contractor in just a few hours. In this blog we’re sharing a detailed guide for how to build a simple pergola, as well as where you can find additional support if you need it. Keep reading to learn more about building easy pergolas or order your simple pergola frame from Garbrella now!


DIY an Easy Pergola in 5 Simple Steps

Installing your own pergola is a challenging yet rewarding task. To ensure success, follow our easy DIY pergola instructions below. But before you discover about how to build a simple pergola, here are a few important things you’ll need first:

  • Impact
  • Drill
  • Ratchet
  • Level
  • Tape
  • Hammer
  • A friend or two

Now that you’ve gathered your tools, lets get started building a simple pergola!




Determine the location of the posts: The first step in DIY-ing an easy pergola is to measure and mark the required distance between each of the four posts.

DIY easy pergola

Measure cross-corner: After you have the perimeter marked, square the simple pergola by measuring cross-corner. You can adjust the post placement; however, be sure to maintain the required post to post spacing ration when doing so. See more about why the posts of a pergola are important here.

PRO TIP: To eliminate confusion in relation to the post size, try measuring center post to center post! 

how to build a pergola

If you are building a simple pergola on a concrete patio or cemented pavers, skip to step number 4. If you are building an easy pergola on a wooden deck, make sure the frame and footings are strong enough to support the weight of the pergola, then skip to step number 4.

If you are building a simple pergola in a yard, dig holes that are 30-36 inches deep and 16 inches in diameter. Place a Sonotube in each hole and fill the Sonotube with moistened Quikrete. Allow the concrete to properly dry (may take several days).

building a diy modern pergola from garbrella

Fasten the post mounts: Using the provided wood or concrete lags, fasten the pergola post mounts securely.

PRO TIP: Remember to pre-drill the lags with the provided bits!

how to build a simple pergola

Level the posts: The final step in completing this DIY easy pergola is to level the posts with leveling bolts and retighten all of the lags. Then, sleeve the posts with your choice of size post sleeve. Lastly, install the pergola top!

DIY modern pergolas

After you’ve completed your DIY modern pergola build, there is only one thing left to do: ENJOY IT!


Additional Help for DIY Modern Pergolas

As homeowners and outdoor living enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to provide the clearest instruction and best support to our customers as possible. For this reason and many more, we’re proud to offer a detailed instruction manual along with phone assistance to help customers who may be DIY-ing a modern pergola.

If you are still curious on how to build a simple pergola frame or need additional support, please call our office at: 717-322-0704 during operating hours.

Contact us at 717-322-0704 for your next project!

Discover more tips on DIY pergolas from Garbrella here!


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