DIY Pergolas from Garbrella

White attached pergola

As a homeowner, you want to enjoy your surroundings, both inside and out. Beautiful landscaping and gardens should be for your benefit, not just for the neighbors! Having a pergola on your property is a great way to provide shade and seating while enjoying outdoor living.

A small, free standing pergola will dress up a garden and add architectural interest to a house. Many people use one as an attractive addition to an outdoor hot tub. A larger free standing model makes an inviting outdoor space for intimate gatherings.

Attached pergolas are an economical way to dress up a deck, patio, or provide shade next to a swimming pool. Pergolas provide a sheltered living space, allowing the breeze to circulate while softening the glare of the sun.

custom pergola allows the most flexibility for the homeowner. Personal style can be expressed by varying the pitch of the roof or the color of the vinyl. Another way to create interest is to choose rafters and posts in contrasting colors. Of course, once your DIY pergola is installed the possibilities are limitless. Some families add overhead fans and many people decorate with potted and climbing plants.

User Friendly DIY Pergolas

The DIY pergolas from Garbrella are extremely user friendly. All the hardware needed for construction is included, and the color matches your pergola. Our hardware is all stainless steel or galvanized, made for an outdoor environment. Premium grade vinyl and superior aluminum inserts ensure that you are getting a quality product.

Whether you choose a pristine white pergola or decide on one of our new wood grain textured models, the easy care of vinyl lets you enjoy the outdoors with little maintenance. Installing a pergola is a project that can be done in a day or two, with basic tools and minimal experience.

Choose a shape and size that will suit your lifestyle and the amount of space available. Pergolas are a great way to add to the appearance of a home and they can be as individual as the people who put them up.

Easy instructions are included with each DIY pergola and our trained staff is standing by to answer your questions. The detailed instruction manual includes step-by-step pictures to help in creating your own outdoor living area.

Whether free standing or attached, a pergola will add to the enjoyment of your home and provide increased space for entertaining. Simple to assemble, made with quality USA manufactured materials, and designed to last, a DIY pergola from Garbrella is a great way to maximize the outdoor experience!

For general guidance, check out our DIY pergola installation video before you start to build.

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