Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

How to Clean Your Pergola

Pergolas are an outdoor product and susceptible to dirt or other elements. Vinyl pergolas should be cleaned periodically to prevent algae or mildew growth. A simple cleaning could require as little as a rinse with a hose using a mild soap and sponge. Wet and Forget, Pro-Tek Cleaner, and Simple Green are all safe, biodegradable products that we recommend to use.

Wash Your Vinyl Pergola with Care

A strong bleach or acid is not recommended to use as a cleaning agent, as it may cause damage to the vinyl. We caution against using oil, wax, flammables, or abrasives as a cleaning solution. Avoid hanging any rust-prone material, since rust can cause unsightly streaking on the vinyl. Please use caution when working on a ladder or raised platform.

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