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Pergola Posts

Vinyl Pergola Post


Garbrella introduced a new zinc-coated internal post with an adjustable height for their Tuscany model pergolas. The steel insert has a finished, certified zinc-coating providing the outdoor weather protection that you need. The adjustable height gives you the option of flexibility for uneven or stepped floors. Specially designed spacers allow you to choose the style of vinyl sleeve for your pergola.

Pergola posts are available in both square and round and help create the distinct look you are seeking. The round posts create a more modern/contemporary look while the square posts create a more traditional look. Pergola posts are available in our 3 main colors of white, tan and clay with white being the most popular. Standard post lengths are 8’ long, but 10’ is common too. We can make pergola posts any custom length too.

Garden Spot Pergolas: Standard is the 5” and 6” square posts

Tuscany Pergolas: Standard is 6” and 8” square and 8” and 10” round

Zinc-Coated Internal Pergola Posts

Aluminum Posts

Check out our “NEW” aluminum posts that we offer. These structural posts are applicable to any style pergola including vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. Garbrella offers these posts because of the many available options including round posts up to 24” in diameter or square posts up to 12” in diameter in 11 different color options.