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FAQ: Installation

Q: What type of post system is available?

A: For the Tuscany style, the posts have an adjustable, zinc-coated core that is fastened on the surface of wood or concrete. The zinc coating is than sleeved with your desired vinyl post creating a finished and solid post system.

Q: How do I level the posts?

A: The posts have leveling bolts that are fastened on the mounting plate.

Q: Is the internal post zinc-coated?

A: Yes and all hardware is stainless steel or zinc-coated.

Q: How many post options do you have?

A: We have 6’’ and 8’’ square posts and also 8’’ and 10’’ round column posts for the Tuscany style. 5” and 6” square posts are available for the Garden Spot.

Q: Does the price include all materials?

A: The price includes materials and all necessary weatherproof hardware and packaging.

Q: Do you provide installation services?

A: We install our own pergolas. Call for any long distance installation.

Q: What is your lead time for a pergola kit?

A: We require a 4 – 6 week lead time after the transaction. For installation and custom design we also require a 4 – 6 week lead time.

Q: How long does it take to install an average size pergola?

A: An average size 16’ x 16’ pergola with 4 posts will take 2 adults 12- 16 hours depending on experience.

Q: How many people should assist with installation?

A: We recommend at least 2 healthy adults especially for installing the beams and rafters.

Q: How can we fasten the posts on a deck or yard?

A: We recommend fastening on concrete or a structural wood surface. For yard pergolas, fill sona tubes with concrete at desired location and mount post onto the concrete. Fastening onto a wood or vinyl deck requires a support beam that is able to hold the weight of a pergola. Please note on the order the fastening type, since it requires a different fastener.

Q: How deep should my sona tube be in the ground?

A: We recommend 30’’ – 36’’ deep, but that also varies with the type of soil or area you are located in. Definitely below the maximum frost level in your area.

Q: Can I attach my pergola to an existing building or house?

A: You can attach a pergola to a building using 2” x 8” pressure treated wood and then sleeving it with a 2” x 8” vinyl sleeve. We provide heavy galvanized 2” x 6” joist hangars to fasten the rafters to the ledger board.

Q: Does the deck floor need to be level?

A: Our posts are adjustable in height to compensate for an uneven floor surface. It is important to keep the top of the pergola as level as possible.

Q: Is a building permit required?

A: Most states do not require a permit, however customers should check with their local municipality for any permits or restrictions that may apply.

Q: What type of fasteners do you use?

A: Most of our fasteners are a GRK product. We use all stainless steel or galvanized steel to prevent rust.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: Garbrella’s pergola kits do not require a lot of tools. Some of the bigger tools required are a hammer drill (if fastening on concrete), electric or battery drill, ratchet with a few common size sockets, level and a few other basic tools.