Purpose of a Pergola

white vinyl pergola installation Chadds Ford PA

Pergolas have an amazing history that dates back as far as 1400 BC. Until recently, they were constructed from natural foliage and required continual maintenance. Pergolas served many purposes including hanging gardens, support structures for harvestable vegetation and passageways between houses.

Today, pergolas are designed from high-quality materials that require little maintenance and last a lifetime. Many homeowners purchase pergolas to provide a shady backyard respite for friends and family, but others enjoy recapturing the more traditional uses for pergolas such as growing vines and flowering plants.

The economical benefits of pergolas, especially those attached to a house, is shading the home’s interior thus saving on cooling costs during the warm summer months.

Regardless of your reason, a Garbrella Pergola will provide decades of shady backyard enjoyment and relaxation. Contact us today or visit our online store for more information.

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