Pergola Lighting

Pergola Lighting

On their own, pergolas provide comfortable shade and striking aesthetics for outdoor gardens and spaces. However, the value of a custom vinyl pergola can be enhanced to also benefit you in the evening or at night. The use of pergola lighting can bring not only illumination, but a festive flair to evening parties. It can also be used for personal enjoyment with family and neighbors.

Pergola lighting is highly versatile. Garbrella’s lighting choices include easy options for any goal. Strip lights can be installed with simple adhesives and side mounts are offered in numerous styles. One can mix and match as well. The use of various lighting types can provide accent colors and intensities to create distinct seasonal configurations all year round.

As pergolas are often used as social spaces, there are plenty of ways to utilize outdoor pergola lighting to the benefit of guests. For modest but lively gatherings, warm, orange-tinted lighting provides the same aesthetic as a fire pit does. Multicolored and vibrant lighting configurations appeal to party-goers and contribute scenic value to an outdoor musical performance. Sparse, bright lights mimic the appearance of stars and create a vast and romantic space within the privacy of a pergola.

Of course, Garbrella’s pergola lighting ideas aren’t exclusively for the benefit of others. Under the moonlight, within the comfortable, relaxing space a pergola provides, one can use pergola lighting so that they can read, play a bit of music, or simply observe the night sky. The ability of lighting to be subtle or vibrant allows it to be meaningful every day and every occasion of the week.

When considering the activities one generally does or wants to do in their pergola, it is fairly easy to see the designs coming together. With a little help and creativity, the process of finding the right configuration and options is very intuitive. Vinyl pergolas are naturally scenic, blending with nature, and the best lighting configurations only compliment that quality.

Outdoor pergola lighting really completes a pergola’s purpose in bringing activity and life to a garden. Whether one desires plentiful configurations for parties, subtle ones for private use, or a combination of the two, the styles and choices that Garbrella provides easily accommodate both.

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