Landscaping With Your Pergola

Landscaping With Your Pergola

There are many ways a pergola can be incorporated into your overall landscaping plan. There are several factors that should be considered before deciding where your pergola should be placed as well as what type of pergola you should purchase.

Below are a few landscaping ideas that incorporate a pergola into the design scheme. Which one is right for you?

Varying Roof Height

A subtle shift in the height of your pergola offers visual variety to your landscape. Varying heights can help define outdoor spaces. For example, lowering a section of the pergola roof can indicate a transition into an area of your yard with more open space.

Raised Roof Height

Elevating a pergola’s roof and its paved surface can give the structure a distinct presence in the landscape. If the roof is curved it can provide additional overhead space to showcase flowers, vines and lighting.

A Natural Extension

You can enhance the beauty of an existing structure such as your home or shed with a pergola. Adding a pergola offers visual relief to a building’s exterior and provides an artistic diversion for your yard.

A Restful Retreat

Pergolas can provide much welcome shade to a backyard and is the perfect place to hang a hammock or place patio furniture for a welcome outdoor respite. Consider planting aromatic flowers such as lavender, lilacs and roses to create an even more relaxed environment.

Ornamental Walkway

Pergolas can serve as a pass through to another area of your yard. They can be a transition point between the front of your yard to the back of your yard or from one recreational area to another. Be sure to make the walk-thru an inviting journey by adding you favorite flowers and climbing plants.

These are just a few ideas a pergola can offer your backyard. For more ideas, contact us today to speak with one of our pergola experts.

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