4 Unique Garden Arbor Design Ideas

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Do you feel like your backyard is a tad mediocre? Are you frustrated by the cycle of searching Pinterest for great ideas, only to be disappointed by the overwhelmingly high price tag of your favorite projects? What you just might be looking for is the perfect arbor design idea — to enhance your backyard on a bargain-hunting budget!

With spring and summer just around the corner, we want every homeowner to have a backyard they can be proud of to show off to friends and family — all for a budget that won’t take a chunk out of the vacation fund! Keep reading to learn all about the different garden arbor ideas and designs to transform your space from average to awesome!

4 Garden Arbor Designs & Ideas

You may think that vinyl arbors are a thing of the past, but we’re here to show you some arbor ideas that modernize and refresh their design — and hopefully change your mind!

Here are our 4 favorite garden arbor ideas and designs:

The Economic Gardener — Chatham Arbor
chatham arbor design

The long-awaited statement piece for your garden is here!

If you consider yourself to be a bargain shopper or are famous for your green thumb, then our Chatham Vinyl Arbor is just what you’re looking for! Its simplistic design and top-of-the-line vinyl material makes it an affordable, yet long-lasting decoration for your flower garden.

Because of the unique lattice embellishing the sides, growing plants around this combination of pillars and crossbeams is one of our favorite arbor ideas! Twisting vines, green plants, and all of your favorite flowers grow beautifully upwards and throughout the top of this vinyl arbor. It’s also the best recommendation for a yard that’s tight on size.

Shop the Chatham Arbor The Romantic Showstopper — Plymouth Arbor
plymouth arbor design

Lights, camera, action! Or should we say: lights, flowers, love! This arbor design is made for the young at heart — with big hearts. Let us explain.

Arbors are known for their romantic feel, but our Plymouth Vinyl Arbor is the epitome of them all! Combine the already romantic arbor with some delicate lighting and you’ve created a stunning focal point. As night falls in the summertime, watch your arbor steal the spotlight — literally!

Additionally, nothing looks as gorgeous as an arbor with hanging plants dangling from the top crossbeams. This arbor design in particular is symmetrical, which means it frames hanging plants, or budding rose bushes, unbelievably well.

Shop the Plymouth Arbor The Unforgettable Entryway — Newport Arbor
newport arbor design

As you probably already know — first impressions matter. What is your backyard saying at first glance?

If timeless modern elegance is the vibe of your home, or if you want it to be, we’ve got the arbor idea for you! A classic arched top style is right for the dramatic arbor design that creates a welcoming entrance way to your yard, pool, or garden. Just imagine this vinyl showstopper framing your stone walkway or complemented alongside a fence!

This Newport Vinyl Arbor is our favorite arched arbor design! Because of its nearly maintenance-free material AND stunning aesthetic, most homeowners consider it a win-win purchase.

Shop the Newport Arbor The Mini Pergola — Plymouth Pergola Arbor
plymouth pergola arbor design

Get ready for a bigger, better, and stronger arbor! With big size comes big plans — and this style can handle almost any arbor idea you have!

To accentuate this arbor design to its fullest, we recommend adding benches, hanging plants, up-lighting, or landscaping. Plus, homeowners love the ornate aesthetic of the sides — and the pergola-style roof! The best part? It can be customized to include your favorite choice of color, size, and design options!

This piece is a standout option for homeowners with imaginations as big as their backyards. We’ve seen these truly deluxe arbors used for everything from garden path decorations to shady-sitting area accessories.

Shop the Plymouth Pergola Arbor

Why to Choose a Vinyl Garden Arbor

When researching garden arbor ideas, you’ll quickly learn that you have lots of options when it comes to material. Wood, wire, vinyl, metal, and plastic are just some of the most common arbor materials — but which one is best for you?

Arbors made of vinyl are homeowners’ top choice because they:

  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Are made with long-lasting materials
  • Won’t rot, fade, or rust

Let’s Talk about Your Arbor Design Ideas…

Have you fallen in love with one of our garden arbor ideas, or have they sparked inspiration for a new design we haven’t mentioned? If so, let’s make your vision come true!

With any arbor from Garbrella, it can be customized to meet your exact desires. Whether that means a unique vinyl color like tan or clay, different size dimensions, or lattice and railing options — there’s nothing our team can’t do!

Just like with our signature vinyl pergola kits, we’re happy to help customize or design the perfect arbor for you. Our team is ready to help answer any questions you have or to assist in the design process — contact us to start the conversation today!

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