Busy Basecamp

Busy Basecamp

Keep your children busy and always on the move with a customizable backyard playset from Garbrella! Our Busy Basecamp playset is perfect for getting your kids outside to enjoy the fresh air without having to leave home. With a standard single-level 5 ft deck, swingset, slide, and other super fun features to choose from, you’ll be able to watch them play for hours! Plus, you can kick your feet back under a luxury vinyl pergola while your kids are having the time of their lives. If this sounds like summer fun to you, unleash more excitement by choosing colors and characteristics that speak to your style and your children’s favorite activities! Order an extraordinary outdoor playset and have it installed in days!

Busy Basecamp Package #B44-6

Your kids’ hearts will race as they climb a tall tower to get away from hot lava, glide down a slide, scale the mountain side of a rock wall, build a beachy sandcastle, and reach new heights with these swings… right in your own backyard! They can do it all on their new Busy Basecamp Package #B44-6 playset which can be sold exactly as shown or completely customized with additional colors and accessories.

Busy Basecamp Package #B46-9

Climb aboard onto a fantastic backyard playset! The Busy Basecamp Package #B46-9 is a great choice for parents looking to make their home base a place for kids to be active and keep them entertained for hours. Whether you like what you see, or you think you can take this model to the next level, you can bring the adventure to your backyard in just days!

Busy Basecamp Package #B55-1

Twist, turn and slide into the possibilities for your perfect backyard playset. The Busy Basecamp Package #B55-1 is loads of fun whether you order it as is or add unique features and colors to match your family’s lifestyle. Complete your outdoor living space by adding an element of FUN! With safety and quality always in mind, you’ll be making warmhearted memories in no time.

Busy Basecamp Package #B55-5

There’s room for everyone on the Busy Basecamp Package #B55-5! Whether your kids like to climb, slide, scale, swing, or let their creativity roam free, this outdoor playset unleashes plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to have loads of fun. It’s time to start customizing! Order your model swing set today and schedule those playdates!

Busy Basecamp Package #B55-7

Your kids will LOVE that you can join in on the fun on your backyard playset! While they’re swinging, climbing, and shooting down a slippery sloped slide, you can kick back and relax on a hammock to take part in the action. The Busy Basecamp Package #B55-7 model comes complete with a fireman’s pole but can be modified to your specifications and your children’s creativeness.

Busy Basecamp Package #B66-3

The Busy Basecamp Package #B66-3 is not your ordinary playset! You can triple the fun with three ways to climb, double the laughter with two slides, and touch the sky on our standard swing set. No matter how your kids like to play, this playset is designs for making memories and keeping your children active. Order as is or add to the excitement by customizing your own outdoor playset today!


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