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Pergola Accessories

Want to decorate your pergola with extravagant, yet affordable options?  Look no further, call Garbrella for professional ideas on how to take your pergola to the WOW level!

Lighting Systems:

We provide an easy to install lighting system complete with a remote dimmer switch and a programmable timer. The low voltage lighting system is installed with a transformer that plugs into a regular house outlet. Several different types of light options are available like the dome side light, light strips of various lengths, and many other options. A plug in wiring system is available that is safe and manufactured for outdoor and indoor use.

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans can be a great idea especially in a warmer climate! A small amount of air circulation can do wonders in creating a comfortable atmosphere. Rotating the fan blades in a counterclockwise direction will provide maximum cooling and air movement. Another added benefit is to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. Since flies are attracted to the smell of food and humans, they will more than likely be there to annoy you resulting in an uncomfortable experience. With a small breeze, bugs find it difficult to fly therefore there is less chance of them bothering you.

Shade Canopies or Curtains:

Choosing an overhead canopy or a side curtain depends largely on the time of day you spend outside. A canopy will provide more shade during mid-day hours whereas a side curtain is more beneficial during the morning or evening hours. Garbrella offers and installs shade systems that can be attached directly to your pergola.

Some people enjoy making annual or seasonal changes to their pergola decorations. This keeps your backyard fresh and invigorating! Pergolas are an awesome structure for hanging holiday decorations or fixtures! Contact us today for information!