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FAQ: Shipping & Delivery

We ship to the continental US. Please use the map below to determine shipping charges.


At Garbrella, we are committed to making our pergola kits as safe and hassle free as possible. If you choose to install the pergola yourself, we will either deliver with our own truck and trailer or choose a reliable LTL company. We negotiate with several LTL shipping companies to ensure the best rates and service for our long distance deliveries. We pass our wholesale rates directly to you with no additional markup.

Your pergola kit will arrive banded on a pallet and also wrapped with a white shrink wrap to keep material scratch free and clean. Upon arrival, we recommend having at least two adults to open and remove the materials to the desired location. The driver is not responsible to unload and dispose of crate and shrink wrap.

We encourage you to carefully inspect the package and all material for shipping damage. To receive a refund or free replacement for damaged material; Mark the number of damaged materials and have the signature of customer and truck driver on the bill of lading. Pictures are also necessary and make this process easier. It is not complicated, but just remember the 3 main points that I mentioned; mark number of damaged materials, customer and truck driver sign bill of lading, and take pictures.

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FAQ: Shipping & Delivery

Q: How do you ship your pergola kits?

A: Most of our long distance kits are shipped via LTL Freight. Garbrella also transports some local deliveries.

Q: Where do you ship your pergolas?

A: We can easily ship to all U.S. states and Canada. Worldwide deliveries are also available. Deliver prices vary according to distance.

Q: How do you package a pergola kit for shipment?

A: We band all material to a pallet and use white shrink wrap to completely cover the kit to protect material.

Q: How is the package unloaded?

A: Typically the customer must be prepared to unload it by hand or machine. Two adults are recommended for unloading by hand. For Garbrella staff deliveries, the driver will assist in unloading material. All kits come secured and sealed on a pallet.

Q: Is there a restocking fee for returned items?

A: All material returned must be in excellent condition. A small restocking fee will apply unless a staff person at Garbrella waives it.