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Tuscany Vinyl Pergolas

Tuscany pergolas are a top of the line vinyl pergola. Built with double 2’’x 8’’beams, 2’’x 6’’ rafters , and 7/8’’x 3’’ shade slats spaced 6’’ on center. Posts, are installed with a solid 4x4 core inside the vinyl using specially designed brackets and spacers. The 4x4 attaches directly to the 2’’x 8’’ beam on top, giving it a very strong core. Another key feature is the special designed aluminum rafter mounting bracket, while most competitors use a 2 piece plastic bracket that can easily flex and break, the Tuscany pergola uses a 1 piece aluminum bracket that spans the whole width of the beam and is attached with 4 S.S. screws. It is guaranteed not to flex or break! The Tuscany pergola is the strongest in the industry and comes in five different styles of posts and three different colors.

Attached Tuscany Pergola

Attached Tuscany Models

Free Standing Tuscany Pergola

Free Standing Tuscany Models

Garden Spot Vinyl Pergolas

Garden Spot pergolas are a more economical line, similar to what most of our competitors offer, but still has a few key advantages. They are built with single 2’’x 8’’ beams, 2’’x 6’’ rafters, and 7/8’’x 3’’ shade slats spaced 6’’ on center. Available in either 5’’ or 6’’ square posts and three different colors. The garden spot pergola is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the beefy look of the double beam pergola.

Garden Spot Attached

Garden Spot Attached Models

Garden Spot Free Standing Models

Free Standing Garden Spot Models